Specialization Treatments

Are you not satisfied with your skin? Do you suffer from blemishes, scars, pigment spots, fine lines, pale skin and do you want to do something about it?

Then one of our specialist skin treatments may be the solution for you.


Acne means inflammation of the sebaceous glands.

The pimples are on the face, on the back, on the chest, or on the shoulders.
The skin contains glands that produce sebum. When these glands become blocked or inflamed, pimples form.

Acne mainly occurs in young people between the ages of 15 and 25. Almost everyone gets acne during puberty, some more than others. In very rare cases, acne does not start until adulthood.

Do you want to know if your skin has acne and if we can help you with this. Book an intake or Try-out treatment. Then we look at the possibilities together.

*This treatment can be reimbursed by health insurance*

Electric Hair Removal

Electric hair removal is a method to remove disturbing hair. All hair colors, including blond, gray and reddish, can be removed by electrical hair removal. During the treatment, a thin sterile disposable needle is inserted into the skin along the hair shaft, after which an electric shock destroys the hair follicle and the surrounding area. As a result, nutrients can no longer reach the hair in the hair follicle via the blood and growth stops.

During a treatment with electric hair removal, up to 80% of the hair growth can be removed.

The hair cannot be waxed or epilated between treatments. The treatment must be repeated several times, usually weekly. Depending on the hair thickness, the degree of excess hair and the area to be treated, the total treatment duration can vary greatly from a few months to 1-2 years. The period between two treatments is increasing.

*This treatment can be reimbursed by health insurance*

Remove skin imperfections

Do you suffer from age spots, age warts, steel warts, blood blisters, couperosis or other irregularities?

Then let us know, who knows, we can help you get rid of this by means of electrical coagulation.

Skin rejuvenating peels

Are you not satisfied with the age your skin shows? Do you suffer from pigment spots, fine lines, pale skin and do you want to do something about it?

Then a skin rejuvenating peeling might be an option for you.

What can a peeling do for me?

Skin aging begins with skin cell division slowing down, causing the living skin layers to become more inactive and dead skin cells to stick to the surface. The result is that collagen and elastin production in the skin decreases and the 'imprint' of the wrinkle in the dead layers remains increasingly visible.

Peels have skin rejuvenating properties. The final effect depends on your skin type, the type of peeling that is applied and which skin layer is reached with the peeling. A peeling promotes cell renewal and removes dead skin cells. As a result, the skin becomes more even, pigmentation spots decrease, pores and fine lines become less visible and the skin can renew and rejuvenate. By applying the right peeling, the process of skin aging can be reversed and the entire skin structure can be improved.

What does a peeling actually do?

Peelings contain acids (for example glycolic acid, lactic acid, TCA (trichloroacetic acid)) that have a light or strong 'abrasive' effect on your skin. The top layer of dead skin cells is removed and makes way for fresh new skin.

We distinguish between superficial, medium and deep peels, each with their own effect and results.

Superficial peels

These peels usually consist of alpha hydroxy acids (also called fruit acids) clean your skin, stimulate blood circulation and give your skin a refreshing makeover. In addition, they are suitable for treating acne and blackheads. These peels contain acids in low concentrations, have a mainly cleansing effect and make you shine beautifully.

Medium peels

If you are concerned with skin improvement or rejuvenation or the treatment of certain skin problems (such as pigment spots, pale skin, large pores and scars caused by acne, for example), then medium peels are more effective. These peels contain other acids (usually trichloroacetic acid or TCA) with a different mechanism of action than fruit acids - they can penetrate deeper into the skin layer and have a higher 'abrasive' capacity. A medium peeling will make you peel and that is necessary to get rid of that disturbing spot or wrinkle; this is real skin improvement.
After a TCA peeling, you usually peel most from day 3 to 5. With smart planning (for example, peeling on a Wednesday and peeling at the weekend) this is easy to do.

Permanent Makeup

If your eyebrows are not even, you cannot put an eyeliner yourself.
Just don't have the time to do a full makeup in the morning? Then permanent make-up is THE solution for you.

With a wide choice of colors and methods, permanent make-up is suitable for everyone.

• eyebrows (shades, ombre brows, hairstrokes)
• eyeliner (infra lashliner, top/bottom or both)
• lip liner

All PMU treatments include an after-treatment.

If you want to know what the possibilities are for you, please contact us.

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Remove skin imperfections

What can we remove:

- steel warts

- blood blisters

- age spots

- skin tags (raised spots)

- xanthelasma

Ask about the possibilities for you.


In some skin conditions such as vitiligo, melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and wine stains, there are color differences in the skin. Camouflage can offer a solution for these skin conditions.

Camouflaging means that unwanted discoloration(s) or surface differences of the skin are made less visible

Do you want to learn how you can do this on a daily basis, or how you can temporarily camouflage the affected skin conditions?

Please contact us and ask about the possibilities

*This treatment can be reimbursed by health insurance*